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Local band sensation Smashley at Twisted Barley Brewing Co.

This news won’t be a surprise for many of those who call Jasper home (unless, of course, they moved to this misleadingly humble city post-Covid and forgot to leave their homes longer than a trip for milk and bread), but this small town proudly boasts a wide array of musical and artistic talent, thanks to the many brilliant, creative ~ and sometimes eccentric ~ personalities found within.

From jazz musicians to heavy metal vocalists, mural painters to homemade crafters, hip-hop dancers to guitar-picking country folk, Jasper, Alabama is THE PLACE for you to not only experience a unique variety of musical entertainment and thought-provoking art but also to find an encouraging environment in which to explore the creative talents inside of you!

Pictured (from left to right): Cory Sly, Dillon McIntyre, and JP Brown

“Music and art are the guiding lights of this world.”

Pablo Picasso

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Dillon McIntyre, John Schneible, Lisle Boswell, Johnathan Guthrie, and JP Brown.

We also post weekly updates of Twisted Barley Brewing Co.’s Open Mic, which happens every Thursday night at its location in Downtown Jasper’s Entertainment District. Thanks to its owner’s devotion to the community, Twisted Barley is the #1 spot in town to listen to local musicians showcase their talent, while also perusing displays of the art made and sold by artists in Jasper!

Twisted Barley is a hub for all things creative, and therefore has been an encouraging and safe space for amateurs to take the stage (literally and metaphorically) in its several years of business. Combining a grunge-era-esque lounge with a menu of delicious craft beer, while throwing in a mix of unique and eccentric locals, makes for the best destination in Walker County to discover, be discovered, or simply be entertained by a diverse community of talent!

Check out Twisted Barley on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/twistedbarleybrewingco/

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