The Singing Bartender, the style of a hometown celebrity.

Kim Hopkins, when she is not behind the bar, even sometimes when she is, is usually found playing guitar and singing. And man, does it show. When you hear her it is obvious that her passion and dedication to the craft are really paying off, although it’s easy to assume she came out of the womb yodeling. But make no mistake, talent like this does not appear over night and Kim has diligently perfected her skills since she was a young girl. And though now a loving wife and devoted mother, she still finds time to learn new songs to entertain the customers of her work, Twisted Barley Brewing.

Reminiscent of artists like Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams, Jr. and Merle Haggard, her spellbinding tone and bluegrass style strumming and picking will encapsulate your senses every time! Add in her genuine personality and her ability to lift your confidence by just having a conversation with you, and Kim is not the kind of person you’ll soon forget! She claims to have found her “sound” by the inspiration of folk singer, Sierra Ferrell, who is honestly a gypsy-style reincarnation of Dolly Parton if you ask me. If you even close your eyes, Kim’s smoky and melodious timbre will send you back in time, perhaps to the 60s or 70s, and transported to the legendary Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. By the time you open your eyes and Kim’s last haunting notes drift from her guitar, you will swear you hear the roar of a delighted crowd applauding. No, wait, that’s everyone at Twisted Barely cheering for their talented friend…

But I digress, as I consider Kim a friend of mine, I may be biased, but I don’t think that’s it. All patrons of Twisted Barley can attest to her abilities, and though fame is not her goal, I believe she will one day be a star, using her reknown as a platform to help those in need. Kim’s true dream is to make sure children of all ages all over the world feel love and safety and comfort, and if that’s not a testament to Kim’s heart then I’m not sure what is. So make sure to support this singing bartender however you can, for though she has made herself a name in our hometown, she will soon be a household name in Americana music.

Kim’s YouTube video for a contest. (Share video with hashtags #GemsintheRough2022 and #GemsonVHS to make sure she wins!)

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