Hey there! Welcome to Southbound, a home decor & lifestyle blog. I’m Meredith, a 20-something graphic designer + marketing strategist. I’ve been building websites since the early 2000’s after I learned basic HTML and CSS to make Piczo websites to share photos with my friends. I turned that little hobby into a full-time career and went to school for Graphic Design, and the rest is history!. Southbound is mainly a home decor and DIY blog, but you’ll see bits and pieces of all of my favourite things – decorating, crafting, creating, heading south, floral dresses and so much more.

You will almost always find me creating whether it’s at work as a marketing coordinator, or at night when I’m crafting, scrapbooking, quilting, blogging or a number of other creative hobbies. My hands almost always have paint on them and I’d take my small town farmhouse over a big city condo any day. My obsessions include: my furbabies (two cats, Chandler & Chuck and two dogs, Penny & Pickles), maps, anything nautical, binge watching tv shows, hexagons, thrift stores, new york city, falling asleep during movies, the colour pink and so much more. If you ever want to make my day, just bring me a donut (with the good sprinkles) or show me a cute dog photo.

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Want to chat over tea and become friends? If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or just want to have a friendly chat, please leave a comment on the blog or feel free to e-mail me at hello [at] southbound.blog.