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DIY Nautical Pallet Sign (with a FREE Silhouette Cut File!)

Can you believe that I have never made anything with pallets before? My dad would always cut them up for firewood before I could get to them. Luckily, my mom + I have corrupted him and the next time, he went to get a truck load of pallets just to make some signs for us (as well as a few other projects I have in mind). We made some of all shapes and sizes and I’ve been having so much fun deciding what to put on them and designing the files! The first one I decided to make was a DIY Nautical Pallet Sign.

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DIY Nautical Pallet Sign (with a FREE Silhouette Cut File!)

The wood used for this sign was all relatively the same colour, but very light. I used Fat Paint Chalk Paint in ‘Greysful’ from the Amanda Forrester line of paints, watered down to make a grey wash. I love this technique for making a faux driftwood finish that acts more like a stain than a paint.

DIY Nautical Pallet Sign (with a FREE Silhouette Cut File!)

My sign is about 14×14, so I went with a design that was 12×12 to fit on my regular Silhouette Cameo cutting mat- it ended up being a little over 8×11.

DIY Nautical Pallet Sign (with a FREE Silhouette Cut File!)

Right Click + Save As to download this file and use for your own designs. Allowed for personal use only

I cut the design out on vinyl and weeded out the areas that I wanted to be painted. I am running low on vinyl so I had to make my stencil out of two pieces and very carefully match them up, so try to fit it all on one sheet 😉 This is what it looked like post-weeding:

DIY Nautical Pallet Sign (with a FREE Silhouette Cut File!)

I used a small round sponge brush to very carefully dab white chalk paint onto the wood. I find that vinyl doesn’t stick perfectly to pallet wood since its pretty rough, so be extra careful with the paint so that it doesn’t seep underneath the stencil. You can use mod podge to seal the edges, but I didn’t on this sign and I think the edges turned out pretty crisp! Since I was using chalk paint, it dried pretty quickly- slowly peel the stencil away when the paint is almost fully dry.

DIY Nautical Pallet Sign (with a FREE Silhouette Cut File!)

I’m working on a nautical themed gallery wall, so I haven’t quite decided where to hang this DIY Nautical Pallet sign just yet. It would look great on a balcony or patio, or inside for some nautical decor. Have you ever made anything with pallets? I still have a ton more sign ‘blanks’ that I want to make some different signs and decor out of, so stay tuned!



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