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Affordable Farmhouse Light Fixtures

This is a tale I like to call ‘The Great Light Debate’. For months, I have been searching for the perfect light fixtures for our long, narrow hallway. Since we need two, I was trying to find some priced under $100 so buying two fixtures wouldn’t break the bank. In my head, there would be all kinds of affordable farmhouse light fixtures and I’d find one, buy it, install it, and problem solved. Apparently, it’s not that easy.

I’ve mentioned before that when Sean and I moved in together, he told me that I could decorate the house how I wanted with two conditions: I run it by him first (understandable), and I don’t paint any walls pink (not understandable). So when I began my search for affordable farmhouse light fixtures, I figured it would be easy since I get to decorate how I want. Wrong. He had an opion about every. Single. Fixture. That I loved! I showed him probably 40 different fixtures of varying sizes, styles, and costs, and he had some reason why we shouldn’t get each and every one. At best, his response was ‘meh’ which really meant ‘no’.

The ones he did like weren’t my favourite, or were too expensive, or just not my dream fixture. Today, I’m sharing all of the affordable farmhouse light fixtures we discussed, and what we ended up buying (a year after the search began). Since Sean is over 6 feet tall, we were looking at either flush mount or semi-flush mount lights. With our 8 foot ceilings, I was trying to search for light fixtures under 12” tall so he’d be comfortable. Or because he refuses to duck so I could have my dream pendants. Somewhere, in some house, I will find a place for those fixtures.

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For now, on to the affordable farmhouse light fixtures!

Affordable Farmhouse Light Fixtures

I know that everyone has a different thought on what is ‘affordable’, and there are times I’ve seen ‘budget light fixture’ round ups with $300 lights – and that is not ‘budget’ in my eyes. All of these fixtures usually sit around $50 – $100 per fixture, and as any Wayfair shoppers know – things always go on sale. The most expensive light on this list sits at $150, but most are much lower. These are also all pulled from Wayfair.ca, meaning prices are in Canadian Dollars – perfect for fellow Canadians (and even better for those from the US which, means you can likely find them for an even better price).

From left to right, top to bottom:

Affordable Farmhouse Light Fixtures

1. Latitude Run Hering 2-Light Fixture
This one was one of my least favourites, but the price was right sitting around $70. I like the simplicity of it, and the colour, but I was looking for something that would make a bit more of a statement.

2. Rockwell 3-Light Flush Mount
Not quite as farmhouse as the rest, but I LOVE the gold – this was one of the top contenders, and one we both seemed to mostly agree on.

3. Mercury Row Birchfield 3-Light Flush Mount
Similiar to above, but oil rubbed bronze for more of the classic farmhouse look – again, a top contender, but I was really hoping for one where I could showcase the Edison Bulbs I already had.

4. Alcott Hill Rhineback 1-Light Semi Flush Mount
One of my favourites, but Sean hated the shape of it. He doesn’t seem to be a fan of the clear glass, but that was the main look I was hoping for. It was also one of the higher priced fixtures, sitting around $115 on sale at any time – which puts my $30 over budget for my ideal fixture.

5. Willow Interiors Coolidge 2-Light Fixture
Similiar to 2 + 3, but Sean was concerned about the height of this fixture. It’s available in Brushed Nickle or Oil Rubbed Bronze, usually around $80 per fixture.

6. Delon 1-Light Metal Frame Flush Mount
I was this close to ordering this fixture – I LOVE it, but I just couldn’t get my dream fixture out of my head and that is what stopped me in the end.

7. Wakefield 1-Light Semi Flush Mount
I am in LOVE this this light (which falls on the less farmhouse side of the spectrum) but Sean said it looked like ‘a cookie jar’ and vetoed it. Back to his hatred of glass in light fixtures I suppose – I was super bummed. It usually sits around $66 which was PERFECT for my budget.

8. Jax Antique 3-Light Track Kit
I never considered track lighting for the hallway until I saw this fixture. I LOVED it, and was about to buy a similiar one on sale from Lowes, but I went to check it out in store and the light was just too dim. I know I could swap out the bulbs, but it just didn’t end up being the look I wanted.

9. Walck 1-Light Flush Mount
I LOVE the look of Globe Lights! Unfortunately, Sean did not – I tried and tried, but he thought it would look ‘too out of place’ in our hallway. I disagree, and one day I will have this fixture somewhere in my home (maybe my home office!).

10. Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Clayton 1-Light Semi-Flush Mount Fixture
This is the fixture my dreams are made of. I almost bought one at our local furniture warehouse (it’s a warehouse of returned Wayfair goods, mostly for much better prices) but I needed two, and didn’t want to risk never finding another. I got home, showed the picture to Sean – and he hated it. He thought it looked like a cookie jar, didn’t like the glass, didn’t like anything about it. I was CRUSHED. It was my dream fixture, often as low as $55.

11. Theressa 2-Light Flush Mount
I LOVED the unique shape of this light, but at $140 it would be $80 over budget when buying two. Still pretty affordable, but more than what I was hoping to pay.

12. Laurel Foundry Modern Lighthouse La Grange 1-Light Semi Flush Mount
One of the cheapest fixtures on this list at $23-$25, I LOVE the look of this! Sean was still iffy about this, but it was my second choice for a light fixture both because of the look and the cost.

13. Davina 3-Light Flush Mount
A slightly cheaper version of #11, I again love the unique shape of this affordable farmhouse light fixture. In the end, since it’s a narrow hallway I thought 3 lights per fixture may be a bit too much.

14. Burney 1-Light Semi Flush Mount
If this light were a little shorter, or our ceilings were a little taller – it may have been the one we chose. I LOVED it, but Sean was again concerned about the height and about it being ‘out of place’. If we had a grander entry way, it would fit right in – but it would hang too close to the door way for comfort.

15. Trent Austin Bruges 2-Light Flush Mount
I LOVE both the colour and shape of this fixture, and sitting around $100 it was JUST in the budget. It’s also available in satin nickle, but the rubbed bronze has more of a farmhouse look to it.

So, which fixture did we end up going with?

#10, the Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Clayton 1-Light Semi-Flush Mount Fixture.

Affordable Farmhouse Light Fixtures

Sean’s least favourite, but my favourite of all the affordable farmhouse light fixtures we looked at. By the end of our year long search, I annoyed him into it (that sounds much worse than it is, I promise) – I kept showing him light fixture after light fixture, always throwing this one back in to see if he’d change his mind. He didn’t. Eventually, I think he just got tired of the ‘What do you think of this fixture?’ game we played so, so, often and one day when I showed him this fixture for the 1000th time, he said ‘Oh just order it already if you love it so much – but you HAVE to install them, they can’t just sit in the box’ and I did. I waited about a week for it to get down to $55 (it goes back and forth from $60 – $77 depending on the sale day), ordered two, and thus ended the great light debate.

They sat in the box for about a month and a half before my parents came up to visit, and my dad installed them! We had basic, ugly boob lights before and these make such a big difference in the hallway! I’ll be sharing the full reveal photos soon, once I make a few more changes in the hallway.

Which one of these light fixtures is your favourite? Share in the comments below!



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