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Black and White Kitchen Makeover Moodboard

Updating our kitchen has never been high on my to-do list. We don’t plan on living here forever, and I don’t see much point in pouring thousands of dollars into a major renovation when it may not be what the next owners want. That is, it was never high on my list until I saw Lindi from Love Create Celebrate rock an awesome black and white kitchen makeover IN. ONE. WEEKEND. Now, the only thing I can think about is how we need to give our kitchen a bit of a face lift and take it from an old, plain white kitchen to a modern black and white kitchen! I know that I just recently shared my pink and gold home office moodboard but since we won’t be able to tackle that until the fall – I’m going full steam ahead with the kitchen while we can!

We have an old kitchen, but not falling apart by any means – the countertops and cabinets are in decent shape, just slightly outdated and grimey from years of use. So, a mini make over it is! I started doing some research and planning after watching Lindi’s makeover, and figured that for just over $1,000 we could do a pretty nice update on the kitchen in a short amount of time. Here’s my starting moodboard:

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Here’s our current plan for the Black and White Kitchen mini-makeover:
1. Paint the countertops
I knew this was an option, but I always figured it would be way too much work. After watching Lindi’s videos, it looks so much easier than I imagined! I would use Rustoleum’s Countertop Transformations in Black Mica to cover up our dated white counter tops.

2. New hardware on cabinets and drawers.
A very simple way to switch up the look of the kitchen is to swap out the dated cabinet pulls for something a little more modern. I’ve chosen two different styles for drawers and cabinets.

3. Add white subway tile backsplash
I have always loved white subway tile, and can’t get enough of how nice it looks paired with black counter tops here and here. Right now, we’ll be going with similiar tile to these tiles from Home Depot (we’re getting a version with the mesh backing already on them) with a dark grey or black grout.

4. Replace the kitchen faucet
Sean loves the look of this faucet and you can get it for a STEAL on Amazon compared to local home improvement stores.

5. Replace the kitchen sink
I love the idea of the kitchen sink fading into the counter tops instead of standing out, so I’ve picked the HÄLLVIKEN Sink in Black from IKEA. Right now we have a stainless steel sink, but I am LOVING the look of the black sink! I’m a little concerned about sizing since we seem to have an awkwardly sized, tiny sink hole currently so worst case scenario, we keep the existing sink in place.

6. Update our basic IKEA kitchen table with some paint + stain.
We already have a very plain IKEA dining set that we got simply because it was the chepest set we could find with table + chairs. I already have the stain (Dark Walnut) for the top, and would love to paint the legs black similar to Alicia’s table from A Burst of Beautiful. I just can’t decide if I should stain the chair seats too, or paint the entire chair black?

7. Since I’m worried there wont be quite enough colour for my liking, I will be adding some pops of blue/yellow in accessories.
I already have this turquoise mug rack from Hobby Lobby and will add more colour with faux flowers, a runner by the sink, curtains for the window, and smaller decor pieces I already have. This black and white kitchen is a big style difference from my industrial glam pink and gold home office and monochromatic is a little out of my comfort zone – so colour is needed!

8. More colour will be added with this Reversible (and washable!) Rug for below the kitchen sink.
I have always LOVED this pattern for a rug but have never had the perfect place to put it – but I think the geometric pattern with a pop of colour is perfect for this black and white kitchen makeover.

We are planning to paint the cabinets too, but I haven’t decided on a final colour just yet. They are currently painted off-white, and my two choices are to do a brighter pure white on all cabinets, or white upper cabinets with black lower cabinets. I think it will either look really great with the black counter tops, or just be a bit too dark. I can always repaint them if it doesn’t look the best I suppose!

All existing walls are currently a muted purple, and they’ll be painted a light grey. I may do an accent wall behind the kitchen table – but I’d be happy just to get rid of the purple walls!

Right now, the plan is to tackle the majority of the makeover on the May long weekend – so just a few short weeks to get prepared! I’ve already been cleaning and prepping, and will be able to do some parts (painting the kitchen table and the walls mainly) before that as well. I’ve already started ordering supplies and can’t wait for them to arrive!

If we add a bit more to the budget, we could get a new stove, dishwasher and fridge but we will likely wait until the fall to add the appliances in to split up the cost. Since we still have another 2-3 years living in this house, this black and white kitchen makeover should give our kitchen enough of a ‘spruce’ for us to enjoy the kitchen while we’re still here, without putting too much money into it! For now, we’ll leave the tile flooring as-is but that may get swapped out before we move as well.

Ideally, I would love more space in both the counters and in cabinets (and we played with the idea of adding an addition to the kitchen where our current mudroom is) but it just doesn’t make sense long-term. We will leave it up to the next owners to do the kitchen exactly how they want it, rather than waste our time and money on the chance that they may just tear it out right when they move in.

What do you think? Have you ever tried painting your own counter tops? I’d love to hear your stories!



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