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Farmhouse Decor on Amazon.ca | Finds under $50

For the longest time, I was always super disappointed whenever I would look for something on Amazon.ca. Amazon.com had so many cheap, amazing finds – but as soon as you added shipping to Canada, taxes and duty, and the terrible exchange rate, the deals weren’t actually so great. Over the years though, Amazon.ca has been really upping their game and they’re now my go-to shop when I need to find something. Looking for a new rug? I head to Amazon.ca. Sean wants to find a tortilla press? I head to Amazon.ca. Almost anything can be found on Amazon. Now that we’ve been doing more to fix up the house, I’ve been spending a lot of time looking for Farmhouse Decor on Amazon.ca too! A good portion of my Black and White Kitchen Makeover supplies were found on Amazon.ca – including the faucet, floor mat, cabinet pulls and soap dispenser.

They have some amazing deals on items that are great prices, and even WITHOUT a Prime subscription everything is usually shipping pretty quickly. Of course, there are still times even now that you can buy something cheaper with exchange + shipping from Amazon.com compared to .ca, but it is definitely getting better and better as more people start shopping on Amazon.ca. One of these days, I’ll splurge for the Prime Membership – I’m pretty sure it would pay for itself just from the number of times I add a few more items to my cart to qualify for free shipping. But I digress.

What I really came to share today, was a new blog series I’m calling ‘Finds under $50’! I really don’t like spending a ton of money on anything, even if it’s worth way more than $50, so I’m always looking for bargain deals whether I’m shopping online or in stores (Winners and Homesense, I’m looking at you). Today, I’ll be sharing a ton of Farmhouse Decor on Amazon.ca that all cost less than $50 (at the time of posting – prices may change). Most are currently Prime eligible, but I find that can change often so some may not be.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Amazon.ca, however it does contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission from Amazon when you purchase an item at no additional cost to you.

Finds under $50: Farmhouse Decor on Amazon.ca

Farmhouse Decor on Amazon.ca | Finds under $50

1.Cade Rustic Wall Decor Window Barnwood Frames
It’s amazing how expensive old windows can be! And heavy. And dangerous (from splinters or lead paint). But they look so nice! This is a great alternative if you don’t want to be hanging old, heavy, dangerous window frames on your walls. They have a few different sizes and even come in packs of two! They come without glass, but would be adorable with some wires attached to the back to hang photos with little clothes pins.

2.Elegant Expressions by Hosley 10″ High Medium Ceramic Pitcher Vase, Cream
I can’t keep plants alive to save my life, so I’ve been all about the faux flowers lately – which means I’ve been buying a ton of vases too. I love the pitcher shape of this one, and it would look great filled with some pretty pink flowers and sitting on a window sill. Or, fill it with real flowers and give it as a gift!

3. Mud Pie Caddy Kitchen Utensil, Copper
Our cutlery drawer was overflowing thanks to all of our big utensils until we got a dedicated holder for them. It makes a huge difference in space, and it helps to add a little but of cuteness on the counter. This copper one is ADORABLE and reminds me of the copper moscow mule mugs I’ve been seeing everywhere lately.

4.Oasis Napkin Holder, Galvanized
Our current house doesn’t have a dedicated dining room, which means the table is in the kitchen and essentially gets used a dumping ground for everything in the house. I can’t WAIT until we can move into a place with a bit more room for a real dining table, so I can get this napkin holder and set up alllllll the pretty tablescapes!

5.Brownlow Kitchen Bless This Nest Medium Galvanized Metal Serving Tray
I have probably ten serving trays already, but can you believe I don’t have any galvanized ones?? Just wood! I love the adorable saying on it too. They have a few different quote options on them, including some Christmas ones!

6.Happytimelol 18 x 18 Standard Size Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Case
This has been on my Amazon wish list for.ever! I just don’t need any more pillow covers especially since I have a similar DIY one anyways (tutorial coming soon!)

7.DII Rustic Farmhouse Cotton Chevron Blanket Throw with Fringe
You can never have too many throw blankets. Seriously. Sean would disagree, but as a staple piece when dog proofing your home decor, it helps to keep a ton on hand. And for only $23?? You can’t go wrong!

8. Brownlow Gifts Small Wall Vase, Home Sweet Home
I LOVE this take on the Pinterest-craze from a few years ago with mason jar vases on wood – it looks just as cute, without it being another mason jar. Because I really should branch out in my decor selections!

9. Prinz 5″ Farmhouse White Ceramic Pitcher
Yup. Another pitcher vase – I told you, I can’t get enough of them lately! This one is short and chubby, and comes in red or white! At this price, you might as well get one of each #you’rewelcome

10.Brownlow Gifts Pressed Tin Sign, Love Lives Here
I LOVE chalkboards. But I HATE my own handwriting, and the mess that chalkboards leave behind – so an adorable sign that looks like a chalkboard but is actually not – is exactly the kind of decor I want to have in my house. So easy, so cute, and there’s always a lot of love in my home. All from the dogs.

11. Craft Outlet Two Toned Tin Pitcher, 11-Inch
I’ve shared a few different pitchers on here. And a few different galvanized pieces. So it should really be no surprise to you that I want this galvanized pitcher. I would have bought it already, if I didn’t already have a similar one at home in gold.

12.DII 3 – Pieces Vintage, Retro, Farmhouse Chic, Mason Jar Inspired Ceramic Kitchen Canister With Airtight Lid
If I didn’t already have a Coffee/Tea/Sugar set of Rae Dunn canisters, this one would be perfect! It matches perfectly with the pop of teal I have in my Black and White Kitchen and is so cute! It also comes in a darker blue or red!

13.Spectrum 47976 Storage Basket, Medium, Cool Gray
You can never have too many storage baskets – especially wire baskets! I have them in so many different shapes and sizes, and they all come in SO handy around the house. You could totally spray paint these whatever colour you desire (gold would look amazing!) or just leave ’em as is.

14.Rustic Arrow Ampersand Sign for Decor, 14-Inch, Brown
It’s probably the graphic designer in me, but I LOVE ampersands. Always have, always will, and will always have approximately one thousand of them around my house. This seems like a pretty decently sized one at just over a foot tall (14″) and would make some great shelf decor!

And there you have it – my favourite finds under $50 for Farmhouse Decor on Amazon.ca! I probably could have added another 70 items to this list. I was going to add this mug rack but a) I love my Hobby Lobby teal one way more (it’s also cheaper but not available in Canada unfortunately) and b) it randomly almost doubled in price from sitting around $48 to $74. No thanks. Does anyone else notice that happen frequently on Amazon?? Is it as bad on Amazon.com??



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