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Seven Shiplap Styles to Try in Your Home

By now, there’s probably no way you haven’t heard of shiplap.  There’s even a good chance you already have shiplap in your home.  While it’s been around for decades (wood planked wall paneling anyone?), shiplap has gained more popularity over the years thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper.

Shiplap in the dining room of a Fixer Upper featured home.
Shiplap in the dining room of a Fixer Upper featured home. Photo from Magnolia.

If you want to try it out but add your own unique touch to it, you don’t have to stick to the plain white wall boards!  Unique shiplap?  Is that even possible anymore?


There are so many ways that you can add your own personal flair to shiplap from switching up the colour to changing the direction. While shiplap is often seen as a ‘Farmhouse decor’ trend, these styles can work in ANY home when done right! Keep reading below for seven unique ways to personalize your shiplap.


1. Coloured Shiplap

edium Grey Shiplap Walls
Medium Grey Shiplap Walls by Table and Hearth

A great twist on a classic look, switch up the colour of your shiplap!  Step away from the white, and go for a bold look. Emily from Table and Hearth opted for a medium grey tone to create a bold statement wall, while still keeping the charm of classic shiplap.

2. Rustic Shiplap

Rustic Shiplap in a bathroom
Rustic Shiplap in a bathroom from Bless’er House

Maybe you’re not a fan of the crisp, white wall but still want the shiplap look – so make it rustic! Whether you use pallet wood or pick up some boards to stain your preferred shade, rustic shiplap adds the perfect amount of texture to the room. Lauren from Bless’er House used all natural stain for this rustic shiplap look and it turned out amazing.

If you want a rustic look but don’t want to go too dark, add a thin coat of chippy white paint and distress it!

3. Skinny Shiplap

A twist on the classic shiplap with ‘Skinnylap’
A twist on the classic shiplap with ‘Skinnylap’ from The Inspired Hive
While it varies from home to home, shiplap is most often found in 6″- 8″ plank widths. Skinny shiplap (also known as “lath”) is a cute alternative to the standard shiplap sizing.  Nicole from The Inspired Hive tried it in her kitchen with amazing results.


4. Chunky Shiplap

Color + chunky shiplap = perfection from
Color + chunky shiplap = perfection from Lay Baby Lay.

Heading to the opposite end of the spectrum, try using 12″ or larger boards for a chunky shiplap look. Joni from Lay Baby Lay features a great mix of chunky shiplap with a pop of color. This beautiful light mint green wall paint (head to her blog for full color details!) is just perfect for this shared kid’s room.

5. Vertical Shiplap

A new take on the old trend of wall paneling with vertical shiplap
A new take on the old trend of wall paneling from The Vintage Rug Shop

The vertical wall paneling found in every basement from the 70’s is back – only this time, it’s known as vertical shiplap. Mix the vertical paneling with the crisp white of shiplap and you get a modern take on the old trend like Brittany from The Vintage Rug Shop.

In my bedroom, you’ll find a muted green version of vertical shiplap that came original with our 50s war-time home, but thanks to a terribly insulated wall it will be ripped out and replaced soon enough.


6. Removeable Shiplap

Use a pencil for easy, removeable shiplap

Use a pencil for easy, removeable shiplap from The Wicker House

Whether you’re in a rental or just aren’t quite ready to commit to a shiplap wall yet, removeable shiplap is a great way to take shiplap for a test drive.  Emily from The Wicker House drew her shiplap on with a PENCIL! Can you even tell that this isn’t the real thing?

Just erase or paint over it when you move out, or leave it up permanently if you just want the look without the hassle of dealing with any wood, machinery, or any tools at all.

7. Accent Shiplap

Not ready to commit to shiplap? Try this shiplap accent piece
Not ready to commit to shiplap? Try this shiplap hall tree bench from The Awesome Orange

Another option if you’re not ready to commit to a full wall of shiplap (or if you just don’t have the empty wall space for it) is to get a piece of accent furniture that features shiplap detailing. You can buy an accent piece online or build your own like Sadie Mae from The Awesome Orange did for this Shiplap Hall Tree Bench.

Still too big? Start with something smaller like this custom shiplap sign like Christina from The DIY Mommy.

Do you have shiplap in your home? We have a ton of vertical shiplap – came original with the home (jk, it’s wood paneling.)




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