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“Tuned up”: to be down or ready for a jam session; or to be in the know on the local music scene.
We aim to support a growing community of artists and musicians located in the Jasper, AL area! Staying connected in this industry means not only supporting your hometown’s art and music scene and having such support returned, but also getting the chance to be inspired, entertained, and included by a brilliant and dedicated family of local talent!
Upon signing up you are linked in to a network of both aspiring and accomplished artists of all kinds and will receive weekly updates on events near you, newly posted content and much more! Do NOT hesitate to join if you are passionate about the arts, because this is the place for you!

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Impromptu performance by local musicians at Twisted Barley (2019)

The Local Scene Pledge:

I pledge allegiance to the Jasper art scene

To the musicians, the crafters, and fans in between.

I solemnly promise to support my hometown

Whether I am performing on a stage or watching from the crowd

When I am able, I will buy art, promote the scene, and attend the live shows.

But at all times, I swear to support, encourage, and help my community grow!

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