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I was born in Jasper, in what was then the Walker Baptist Hospital, in 1997, and have called this place my home since. As soon as I could write, I was stapling papers together into books and dreaming of become a writer, one that would sit in front of a large window overlooking a lake with a typewriter, creating worlds and stories all day long. And while I have bought a typewriter in such hopes, the window with a view is still hard-sought, as other dreams have taken a temporary stage at times, other businesses, other careers… other states, other towns… and yet here I still return: to Jasper, Alabama with the dream to become a writer. Join me on the endeavor to find purpose and life in a town driven by music, imagination, art, and passion.

Love is not a glass of water, emptying with every sip.

Love is an ocean, giving itself endlessly, yet never running dry.

Lisle Boswell

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